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150X120X200 2 in 1 Grow tent
R 3,999.99

150X120X200cm 2 in 1 Grow tent


MULTI-CHAMBER GROW TENT: This tent features 2-tier small tent and one large tent area. Individual room for propagation, vegetation and flowering stages that can keep your plant perpetual harvesting

COMPACT SIZE AND SPACE-SAVING: This cuts out the need for buying another vegetative or propagation tent for your plant

Maximum yields :This allows extremely short harvests time by continuous growing new plant into the flowering chamber

EXTRA-THICK CANVAS, STANDS STURDY: The top-quality 600D canvas is tear proof and double stitched for perfect light blocking; the canvas is supported by strong metal poles that are specially finished for smooth installation

KEEPS ALL LIGHT IN: The grow tent blocks all light from escaping and is lined with 98%-reflective mylar to boost the output efficiency of any grow tent setup